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I am running for the North Carolina Senate seat in District 16. North Carolina can be, and should be, a leader to the rest of the nation when it comes to business development, oil and gas exploration, and the education of our children, from the lower grades to the highest. Education is the one of my greatest passions and one of the greatest systems that we, as North Carolinians, can invest in and support. In education, it is vital to have well-trained, educated, and non-biased teachers in the classroom educating the youth of the future; by supporting educators who are non- partisan and are willing to teach the students the truth about North Carolina, emphasizing the great things of our state and the ways we have changed to become better for all people. I want my grandchildren, and your children and grandchildren too, to grow up in a public school system that supports their academic education, family values, and state pride.

I have years of success and experience as an employee and a leader in corporate America, as an entrepreneur in both livestock care and pasture development and in landscape and development, internationally and nationally. I know what hard work and investment means; I know the responsibility that comes with leadership and making decisions to benefit the company. I retired from Exxon Refinery and Chemical Company after twelve years of working and then managing operations in a plant to begin my own business as a farmer; I decided that my heritage as a farmer and making meaningful impacts in my local community were more important to me than the big business in the corporate world. Following twelve years of working with the land and other local farmers, I made another career change: I became a certified landscape contractor and began my own landscaping business. I hired dozens of employees and invested back into my local community. And after forty-four years, I currently still manage landscaping jobs for commercial companies and friends in the Cary area.



Making tough decisions comes natural to me, since I have been in the problem-solving business so long including my Exxon years, I have seen some of the highest interest rate, oil prices and oil exploration shutting down the industry in a matter of days, seeing people forced to live in their cars in the early late 70’s and 80’s from such mismanagement of our country and its resources. I am enthusiastic about preventing these same sorts of situations to happen again.  I will use my skills, experience, and community-centered passion to advocate for support and protection for the people in our community today.

I am the father six successful adult’s and the grandpa to five precious grandchildren.

I am asking for your vote and support in this election on November 8TH so I can stand up for North Carolina and you, the people that make it the greatest state in America.  

Thank You  


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