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    Our children are the future, and their education is the foundation for a better future for all of us. I stand for:

    • Honest American and North Carolina History curriculum
    • Instruction in Equality and Human Rights
    • Accountability in school spending.



      Our forefathers fought for our freedom we enjoy today. Much thought by our forefathers was put into designing our constitution to protect our rights and freedoms then and into the future. I stand for:

    • Protecting Our Rights and Freedom.
    • Defending Constitution Law and Order.



      The funds that our government spends comes from us, the hard-working women, men, and young adult citizens. As a NC Senator, I will steward your money as if came out of my own pocket. I will plan and budget for the benefit of the people now and for future generations.

    • Government Spending
    • Track and Account for Every Dollar
    • Fiscal Responsibility Stay on Budget, Plan for A Better North Carolina Future.



    • Enforcing Constructional law
    • Accountability to corporations, individuals AND Judges and District attorneys and prosecutors for their actions and conduct. No one is above the law.











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